Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Day One.

Hello All.
So to begin, a bit about me and why I started blogging.
I need some sort of record of my days, they are going by too fast and it's as if they don't happen.
I started university this fall, and its half way through the second month already. I can't promise a post everyday, but as close to it as possible.
I'm an 18 year old female, trying to make it through these five or six years of hell so that I don't have to be a dead beat stuck at a job I hate and that goes no where for my whole life, If I thought there was another way to make that not happen I would have chosen it.
I live for Thursdays when I can go home, and fortunately in three weeks I can just go home and really spend time with my family, as I quit my weekend job.
I have some guy problems but who doesn't, but that will probably be something you'll hear about from me. I have a terrible problem with being attracted to guys who already have girlfriends, unfortunately I begin to like them before I learn they're off limits.
Please feel free to make comments and let me know you're following, I would hate to think that I write to absolutely no one. Have a fantastic day and enjoy life as much as possible!

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